Tuesday, February 28, 2012


     Hey friends, as you probably noticed, the Kozi Kitchen has a little bit of a different look today!  I am getting so web design savvy! (Not.  I'm just trying, bear with me, people!)  Anyhoo, notice you can also "follow me on Pinterest" to see my favorite recipe board, crafts, decorating ideas, and other boards that define my interests.  I have one board called, "Ideas for Mother-in-law Suite" (because we're building at the moment) which I think you'll enjoy, and lots of kitchen design ideas on my "For the Home" board. 

     Also I'm in the midst of creating a face book page entitled the "Kozi Kitchen", and soon you will be able to access that wall through a button on this blog.  For now, you can "like" it at the top of the blog page, and also "share" any of the recipes with any of your face book friends!

     All that to say - bear with me, as you see things shifting a bit or looking different.  Hopefully it's for the better, and as always, the recipes that you've seen will remain as I continue to add new ones.  If you ever have a problem accessing a recipe you have previously seen on my blog, I may have classified it under one of the boxes at the top of the page.  There you will find 5 extra boxes (besides the home page, which you automatically see) entitled "Breakfast", "Dinner", "Desserts", "Crock Pot Casuals", and "The 'Light' Corner".  Look under these and you will probably find the missing recipe!

     As always, I love to hear from my cooking buddies, so PLEASE, feel free to comment, ask a question, or just let me know you're out there.  Actually, I KNOW you're out there, because I see the stats, but I'd love to hear what you're doing with the recipes and get  your input! 

     Lastly, there is a box that says, "Join this site", and you can easily and painlessly click on it and follow the simple directions to becoming a member.  It doesn't mean you have to do anything with the site, it just lets me know of your support to the blog!  And that makes me HAPPY! 

     Anyway, just enjoy the blog and here's hoping we can get something rustled up for dinner tonight with all this web design and blogging going on!!!

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